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A list of Frequently Asked Questions to answer anything you made need to know about Coastal Cat Care's services and operations.

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How does Coastal Cat Care work?

Coastal Cat Care is a cat exclusive pet sitting service. We offer specialized in-home care for your cats only with a multitude of services to suit your cats every need while you are away. We provide a 20 minute visit or 40 minute visit to ensure we can fully service all of your cats amenities. Clean bowls and clean litter boxes = a happy cat! You'll never have to worry about coming home to a disaster. In addition, we provide medication administration, online scheduling, high level communication, online payments and a personal touch to invoke trust in your feline companions. You will receive a message, pictures and detailed report card from one of our trusted sitters with every scheduled service with us. Any special requests for your kitty? Just ask! We know cats can be a little particular!

Do you come to my house or do you offer boarding services?

Coastal Cat Care offers a mobile cat sitting service only. We do not offer boarding or keeping your cat in our home. You will leave your kitty at home while you are away and we will stop by to provide food, water, playtime, snuggles and litter scoop each day that you have us scheduled. Basic house sitting duties are included in your service: Watering of plants, mail retrieval, trash take out, blind closure/opening and securing of the home.

How do I get started?

Step 1: Click New Client from the Home Screen of our website.

Step 2: Fill out the initial contact form to get set up on our cat sitting software Time To Pet

Step 3: You will receive an activation email from your new Time To Pet profile

Step 4:  Follow the directions in the activation email. Login to Time To Pet and update your password.

*Pro Tip - download the Time To Pet App on your smart phone and login with your new credentials

Step 5: Within your new Time To Pet profile, update the Pets Tab and My Info tab with specific instructions for care for your cat(s) and home. Please be specfific. These instructions are paramount to your sitter providing great care for your kitty!

Step 6: From the Home page in Time To Pet, click Scheduling > Request New Service and input dates of service needed. Once you've selected your preferred dates of service click Submit Request.

*We will not approve requests without your profile being fully updated!

Step 7: We will reach out directly through the portal within 24 hours to welcome you to Coastal Cat Care, approve your service requests and answer any questions you may have.

*Please allow 1 weeks notice for  cat sitting services and 1 weeks notice for Meet & Greet's

What other services do you offer?

Alongside our cat sitting services we also offer:

Cat Taxi- in case your cat needs a ride to and from their veterinary and grooming appointments.


Emergency Supply Retrieval- in case you forget extra litter, cat food or medication while you're away


Full Litter Box Flip - Need a deep clean of your litter box? We've got your covered!

Need a referral? Check out these resources!

Veterinary:              Cats Only

Mobile Veterinary: Pet Care Professionals

Boarding:                Comfy Kitty Boarding

Grooming:              The Charleston Cat Groomer

Shelters:                 Pet Helpers

                                 Charleston Animal Society

                                 Dorchester Paws

Cremation Service: Pet Rest

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